Help Keep Gunfacts Free

Gunfacts is the go-to resource for debunking anti-gun myths. This years fundraiser is running low. Think about donating today, any amount can help.

Gun Facts – Annual Fundraiser

For over 12 years , Gun Facts has been available for free , arming you, the gun rights activist, with the ammo you need to hunt anti-gun propaganda.

We have big plans for 2013, and need your help. By donating you feed the fund that will go toward:

  • Add online and mobile functions to Gun Facts.
  • Help bring Gun Facts to an online, team editing technology for faster response.
  • Settle some trademark issues and hammer on anti-gun group by doing so.
  • Set-up an online system where volunteers can edit Gun Facts directly and help it grow more quickly.

In politics, everyone lies. Voters distrust everything they are told by politicians, the media and even their neighbors. Despite universal suspicion of news and opinion makers, very few people understand how political lies are created and thus most folk are unable to dissect spin and discover truth. Shooting the Bull details how all political falsehoods are created, why they work and how to detect them.