Happy Tax Day!

Tax Day: Where Did Your Tax Dollar Go?

Americans  spend more every year to comply with ever increasing tax codes. It is time for a change.

What is the FairTax | What is a Consumption Tax | Tax Reform Solutions – Americans For Fair Taxation

The FairTax is a national sales tax that treats every person equally and
allows American businesses to thrive, while generating the same tax revenue
as the current four-million-word-plus word tax code.


How free is your state?


Here is an interesting interactive map showing your states freedoms. Categories include economic, personal, regulatory, tax burden, education and many others. It is very interesting and if you are considering moving for a job you should check it out. There certainly are a couple of states I would never move to like CA and never even drive through (NJ).

Freedom in the 50 States 2013 | Overall Freedom | Mercatus Center